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May 2015

What is an escape game?

We could rightly assume that if you are reading our blog, you already know what a live escape game is. We would like to give you a short description, just to make sure.

The genre is known in a computerized form for a long time now. A location is specified, from where the player has to escape in a defined period of time by solving different, tricky tasks.

The genre of live escape games began its conquest in the year 2010. It was favoured in Japan earlier as well, but its appearance in Hungary really gave its expansion another boost. The main difference between the live game and the PC version is that in this case, teams of 2-5 people have to go to a location, where they are really locked into a room. The only task is to get out of there. It is an exciting experience to be locked in together with friends, colleagues, family physically, in real life, while the clock is ticking and you have to get a door open together, working as a team. Nowadays, there are countless stories, designs and concepts to choose from and a game usually takes about 60-90 minutes. A path of highly variable tasks lead to the final escape from the room; what more, there are cases when you need to get in, instead of getting out. Usually it is possible to ask for help and there is no need to worry that the mission would fail; the game master opens the door after the time is up.

A game is considered good when the room already gives us the feeling that we have the feeling that we are the protagonists of a movie; the level of adrenaline goes up, pushing everyday thoughts into the background, and we are focused completely on the game. Thus, you experience the FLOW.
This video made by the BBC may help you imagine what it is really like.


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