WayOut rating

Would you like to go and escape with your friends, colleagues? Would you like to invest and are trying to choose which game is worth buying? What is the basis of your decision?

Escape games are very attractive as an investment opportunity, with little start-up capital, they promise quick return in revenues. The game is often thought to require nothing more than a few electro-magnetic and endless piles of padlocks. This explains why we experience an upswing in the number of escape rooms. Unfortunately, this means that the choice is evermore risky. As there are good and less good or expressly bad board games and computer games, escape games work the same way.

Our goal was to create a rating system, with which we facilitate this for players and investors. This was preceded by research and testing, that is, more than 2.5 years of work are in the background of this rating system. Certainly, as the field is constantly expanding and changing both testing and research are a constant part of our activities.

Our test groups visit games worldwide in incognito, and after the game:

– we classify the game tested based on the provided criteria
– we evaluate the game tested based on the provided criteria

Rating facilitates choice, because we determined difficulty level, story, etc. by a standardized system.
The rating helps you choose a game with the appropriate quality. We set up a quality requirement based on our rating system, which is a quality minimum we think all marketed games should reach. The rooms of companied receive a WayOut rating from use who meet the quality criteria we determined. Those who choose such games can be assured that they select from the best games on the market.

Rooms provided with the WayOut rating are really able to provide the experience:
– They promise
– Every paying costumer of investor can expect

You can see the list of WayOut rated games here:
You can find the detailed analysis of rooms tested here: