Escape games, as a genre are really suitable for the purpose of team building, in case they are constructed by professionals considering their structure.

Our company works with creators, of whom it is true based on our tests, that they construct their games consciously, design them with the highest level of professionalism, and have the most outstanding experience in the field.

Their work is complemented by the results of our research and the involvement of other experts. Thus, our professional team can do teambuilding in a playful manner, whether it is a team building conducted in the framework of a leadership training with a few participants, or a large corporate event.

In case you prefer to build team by escaping installed rooms to mobile games choose a company who has the appropriate WayOut rating and who meets our expected quality criteria.

If you desire not only to entertain, but also wish to raise the efficiency of the team in ordinary work, explore the role of team members in the team and uncover their hidden perspectives we recommend companies who know and use their test for WayOut team building and have trained staff for its evaluation.


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