Those who have operated a game know, those who do not should prepare: the worst part of escape games is sudden failures. Nobody can prepare for the extreme damages players can cause, operators are always taken by astonishing surprises. It is very inconvenient when something goes wrong during the game of a team, on a day crowded with bookings. As services can even take days, this does not only mean a loss of revenue, but is very unpleasant and damaging to the prestige of the company. This problem is especially present in cases when an investor purchases a random licence and installation from a foreign company (In most cases the company who bids the lowest but is less professional, works with low quality materials, performs installation by tinkering) and in the absence of professional knowledge they either wait days until the installing company carries out the service, or hire an expert. After a few of these occasions the cheapest game purchased imposes far greater cost than the game, which seemed more expensive at first sight.

Failures can be prevented and eliminated with the simultaneous application of 4 conditions

We are pleased to tell you, we are such a company and we offer our service for existing rooms as well.