Promotional spots are the most determinant marketing channels, which influence the choice of the costumer. Such short commercials play a key role in their decisions as they can learn the following on the basis of these:

  • What the atmosphere of the game is like
  • How professional does the company seem
  • How creative is the implementation
  • What visuals to expect

It is also of particular importance for the spot to reflect reality, and be in line with what the costumer can actually expect.

The making of immersion films can be deemed as our creation. These are short films which make the task of game masters easier in some respects. Such a short film is screened to the playing team right before the start of the game. It helps the team identify with the atmosphere of the game, they acquire all important information needed for the game and may begin the game in an intensified state of arousal. Our experiences show that this genre is very effective on the one hand and energy saving on the other, for companies where a high number of rooms are operated with significant traffic.

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