We are present on 5 continents with more than 150 games

Our repertoire contains marketed live escape games and mobile, conference games designed on the based on the principle of live escape games. If someone wishes to purchase a safe, already proven game they may choose one from our existing repertoire. In this case the product is a detailed description, a KNOW-HOW on the basis of which the game can be established at any part of the world. The detailed description contains the implementation, the story, the equipment and raw materials, instructions for the game master, and includes a consultation as well. Certainly it is possible to apply minor changes to an existing game as needed, which make the game more compatible with local needs. During the purchase, at the selection we aim to offer games which are suitable concerning the location of installation, and serve the needs of the target audience as much as possible.

In case of migrated mobile games we also offer a package which enables the establishment of the game and its conduction. Would you like to sneak something special to a conference, team building, exhibition, and festival, for marketing campaign or a television show? Choose from our flexible mobile games. These are games suitable to entertain from 15 persons up to even several thousands of people, ready at the time of purchase, but we are also pleased to design more games or personalize the existing ones based on individual demands!

In case you wish to put your desires and ideas into the form of a well-established we also undertake personalized design.

A number of people think that preparing a game is an easy task. Many walk into the trap and consider a good idea enough to set up a game. Unfortunately, this is usually not enough (read more). Therefore if you do not have the appropriate experience or team with a professional background, we recommend you to share your ideas with us and we will prepare your game whether it is an installed escape-room, mobile game, conference game, etc.