On the basis of our studies the person of the game master is of utmost importance from the aspect of the game experience. Unfortunately many game operators forget this, although the provision of game-related information, getting players attuned to the game and the closure following the game are just as determinant concerning the success of the game as the game itself.

The person of the game master can be the key to returning guests and positive feedback, while a bad game master can generate an amount of negative criticism, which makes operation impossible. Thanks to our researches and multiple years of experience we know exactly what a good game master must know, and what are the mistakes they must not make.

In case of mobile games this may be even more important as even more is at stake concerning the game master introducing, conducting the game and facilitating cathartic experience at conferences, team building events, exhibitions, etc. We undertake the basic and advanced training of game masters. If necessary, we can even offer professional advice regarding the selection of candidates.