“Gallery where art invites you to play!” Besides their admiration visitors can become a part of and understand the exhibition better if a game helps the establishment of contact.

In case of expos it direct guests and helps them to explore the exhibitors and their product.

Whether it is a museum, gallery, expo, a game grants extra experience for visitors. In museums it may help them get familiar with pieces and authors, it can emphasize visual experience by helping to place guests into various scenes, time panes, atmospheres. It may help bring historic monuments, works of art and craft to the youth, man of the digital century.

Works of art which cannot be connected to a circuit do not need charging, and you cannot buy a new edition within a year. The game helps the visitor live, breathe together with the exhibition.

At expos, professional exhibitions, a game can be an exciting extra, the theme of which is in line with the theme of the exhibition. A popular solution of this is when the exciting experience of participation is paired up with prizes.

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