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May 2015

A little about us

We would like to start our blog with a little introduction. WayOut is a team that engages in escape games and its various improvements. We distribute and design games. We have gathered the best creator teams, combining them with the professional staff that is excellent in sales, marketing and development.

We have decided it 3 years ago that we would like to engage in this business in the long term, and since we it as quite a serious potential, we began our work with research and testing. The research and testing extended to operational games, the development of new games, the international market and distribution and its problems. We are going to write about these results here on our blog in detail.

In the beginning, we were occupied with our own designs, but afterwards, our activities extended to consulting, and creating reconstruction plans for rooms which were not operating properly.

As we have experienced it during our work, problems can emerge during international expansion, and we can make it easy to eliminate them.

We have seen that although there are quite brilliant creator groups who really create their games with care and professionalism, either there is no energy left for business expansion, or the staff lacks the necessary expertise. Furthermore, there are creators who are brilliant in some areas, but there are parts left incomplete. Also, there are others who have manufactured an extremely marketable product, which they have already sold in a franchise, but they did not have an apparatus to perform the promised and required services. So we decided to expand our team with these really excellent creator teams, and therefore
– we have the largest range of offers for everyone, who sees business opportunities in escape games
– continuing our research jointly, our work has a scientific background in addition to our experiences
– we provide a stable and reliable service, which is not available in the case of small franchises
– we have the best games in one place because we have already tested and tried them, and we work with the people who have fascinated us already.

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